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Hair Care Guide

To ensure to maximize the longevity of your extensions, it is very important to care for them as you should your own hair. Love Couture Hair Collection has included a hair care regimen to better assist customers with protecting their investment.

- Using a wide toothed comb, detangle hair before washing and before going to bed.

- Shampoo hair once a week, using sulfate-free products.

- Apply a hydrating conditioner to hair, place inside a plastic cap, sit under dryer/ steamer for a couple of hours.

- After rinsing, allow hair to air dry or dry with blow dryer using no products.

​- For styling purposes, use a light heat protectant before using any hot tools.

​- Do Not use many products on hair, as this will create Build-up.

​- Before bed, use flexi rods or two- strand twist to maintain pattern and wrap hair with a silk scarf. Consider sleeping on a silk or satin pillowcase.


 -Always detangle hair prior to washing. When hair is saturated with water apply sulfate-free shampoo in a downward motion.

​- Rinse using cool water, apply hydrating conditioner. Using a denman brush, brush product throughout hair starting from tips to roots.

​- Place hair inside a plastic cap and allow it to sit under dryer/ steamer for a couple of hours.

​- Section hair in 4-6 sections, one section at a time apply cream moisturizer and oil of your choice. Use denman to evenly distribute product.

​- Allow hair to dry without manipulating curls. Hair should remain hydrated for 3-4 days.

​- To preserve curls, use a silk scarf to tie hair up into a pineapple method.